Thursday, 12 September 2013

Come On Over And Do The Twist

bleurrrgh, I'm ill and I've had the dreaded blog lethargy, just no interest in doing it.
But, here I am, too under the weather to pose but happy to show you all my latest purchases
Broderie Anglais blouse £3.99, ASOS lace cami £1.99, Lempicka book £1.49 (wanted one for ages) all from Oxfam. Cutwork blouse £1 from Towersey Festival
Last Saturday Mike, his brother and I went round the corner to look at the local garage sale
Despite some misplaced letters and some greengrocer's apostrophes it was really good

I spotted this from a distance and cried to the stallholder "how much is the doll, I must have the doll!"
She was 50p, bargain. From the same people I also got some 70s sheets and pillow cases
I teamed them up with this romantic 80s duvet cover which was £4 in a charity shop
This superbly soft Aran jumper was £1 from the same people
30s chinz cup was part of a set til the poor owner smashed it when picking it up, the cup was fine so I got it for free! The dog draft excluder was 50p, Mike spotted it for me.
 I'm going to add some poppers to the vintage sewing bag so I can use it as a handbag - charity shop
Lovely for winter, this Monsoon moss velvet dress still had all the tags on - Oxfam
You may remember a comment I made last year about no wanting to look like a fat slag in a short skirt? , I don't want to look like a fat slag in a crop top either. I've discovered that by wearing high waisted  skirts or jeans I can totally get away with it - and if a little bit of midriff peeks out occasionally, so what?
These two crop tops are fantastic, the rose one is from ebay and the My Little Pony one is from Primark
  Lucy and I have been swapping art in the post, she sent me this....
She dubbed it PMS art, I agree. And I love it
I've been collecting old bottles for years, this one I couldn't seem to get clean, so I decided just to decoupage it (I bought the bottle stopper in an antiques shop on holiday)

I bought these 90s Levis in a chazza for £7 - expensive!
The Tiger was on a pair of Primark pants I bought for Mike, but, somehow, they were ripped, so I snaffled the print before he chucked them out.
Sweetpeas I grew
oh and I'm finally appreciating Nirvana after all these years


Friday, 30 August 2013

Cabinet Of Sort Of Curiosities

oops, I was M.I.A. for a bit, but I'm back now, feeling a bit more enthusiastic. The last couple of weeks have whizzed by, here's what I've been up to...

The 18th was my birthday and we had a trip to London, for a hair cut, posh lunch, even posher sweets from Fortnum and Mason... and the cinema. We didn't do a lot, we were pretty tired from completely rearranging my bedroom and putting in my new white metal bed frame.
nice isn't it?
Sadly not my bedroom, here's mine
Mike bought me the most amazing books, one "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" had also been used by genius artist Gayle to decorate her mudroom, so you can get an idea of the strange wonders therein.
Lucy of Small Talk sent me so many wonderful things, she made this fantastic shadow box/collage and sent me this tac-a-rama poodle too
Vix sent me loads of lovely clothes, which I shall photograph soon and this hilarious doll, a sister to her skiing one.
She's wonderful and she reminds me of Patsy Cline and her role in this book
The Wycombe charity shops have been piss poor recently, but could not walk away from this beauty in Oxfam, it cost me £11, shocking

I always try to pick up these beautiful 60s Italian ceramics (Ceramica Di Milano), this was a quid so I couldn't turn it down
oh and I got some fake DMs and fake converse - but they have tigers on.... observe:

Better curb the spending this month, got some meet ups and a gardening course to pay for.
ooh and I passed my theory test, so now only the practical driving to go, hmm that might take longer
On Monday I visited Towersey Folk Festival, it's a small hippy/folk festival, we just go round the show ground, this year I was most impressed by The Sheffield City Giants and these Morris Men with their stick catching and amusingly placed rosettes

Friday, 9 August 2013

The Grand Tour

Today I got a trip round Stowe Landscape Gardens on a golf buggy.
We took my Great Aunt along and by pure chance we were offered a buggy when we weren't even sure if we could borrow a wheel chair. The gardens are 250 acres so turns out we were relieved not to have to push Aunty Joan up and down gravel paths.
Can you imagine going to school here?

We had a fantastic day, looking a temples and grottos, columns and lakes.



Hanging out at The Temple Of Venus
This Gothic Temple is a holiday cottage, as I trundled by I spied two sleeping middle aged men and a table with cakes on it. Slightly surreal. The whole golf buggy experience was.. clattering along down gravel paths only wide enough for two people.
Madam, your chariot awaits.
Looking serious at a re-creation of an 18th Century dinner table.
Hope you enjoyed that short tour. We were a tad annoyed when we got there because dogs were actually allowed in the park land. One dog was having a tooth op and the other was left at home and we could've brought the little madam with us.
Oh and they're 10 tomorrow! Damn it, animals age so fast

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Atomic Mildred's Tea Party

I've always been influenced by the 20s and 30s, it's a time I keep returning to. Mary Lou recently posted a photoshoot of her Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea Party and that inspired me to do my own take. I've also been really inspired by Sarah Moon's 1972 Pirelli Calendar shoot, more on that later.
Let's have some music, I uploaded this song especially, though it's a crime it wasn't on youtube already

1930s Parasol - one of my best finds ever - 50p at a car boot
Dress - is a vintage cotton nightie from ebay
Necklaces - black - used to be Mum's, Coral - 1930s from a shop I used to work in
Belt - Primark
1930s bangles - Charity shop and Second To None
For the porcelain and vintage linen fans...
The green and gold cup was 50p at the Salvation Army Christmas fayre - when I got it home I discovered it was from the 1790s.
The lilac and gold is Japanese 1950s/60s
The Sevres style one is Aynsley from 1910s and the Teapot is 1930s Grindley

Sarah Moon's wonderful romantic and feminine shots were a step away from the usual as far as Pirelli calendars went. I love their 1920s bordello look and the clever painterly use of light.